Why Did I Decide to Launch This Blog? What’s in It for You?

I’ve been asked a lot recently, why I decided to start this blog. I’ve been a nutritionist and health expert for years now and the one thing I have always wanted is a source of information, good and bad, about the things we use the most.  In my line of work, the things we use most are diet supplements. With the rising rate of obesity around the world, it’s no wonder we are desperately seeking a way to shed the weight without having to lose hours of our days in the gym. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, parents, and almost any high stress employee doesn’t have enough time to spend in the gym to shed the weight. We seek out diet supplements because they are quick and easy.

The human body is resilient but still fragile. The slightest chemical or hormone imbalance can cause a magnitude of issues that could vastly impact an individual’s health. My biggest concern as a health expert is understanding what we put into our bodies and what it does in return. There are some weight loss supplements available that alter the way our body digests certain foods by blocking our ability to absorb certain foods. There are other weight loss supplements that have compounds that can cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with the neural pathways in our brains. Weight loss supplements can change the way we think, feel, and process food.

There are thousands of weight loss supplements available, all with different active ingredients, all with different results. It is impossible to shift through all these options to find the ones that are best suited for your individual journey. I decided to start this blog to bring awareness about weight loss supplements and help you guys find the one that is right for you.

What’s in It for You?

This is the question most of you are asking yourself. Weight loss blogs are everywhere, why should mine be different? My blog is different because I know about nutrition and health. I know about the different amino acids that we need for health and which blood levels can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. I can tell you which substances interact with your dopamine and serotonin levels and how they affect your mood. I can find the weight loss supplements that have the highest chance of success. I can give you an in-depth analysis of different weight loss supplements that saves you time and money.

I know all these different aspects of health and I’m willing to share my knowledge with you. I’m willing to tear into the information about weight loss supplements to get you all the information needed to make an informed decision. My blog will be a way for you as a consumer to review different weight loss supplements to learn their health benefits and their side effects that you need to be worried about. This allows you the chance to shop around without wasting your money and without negatively impacting your health.

The weight loss journey is hard, I’m right there with you guys searching for the best way to safely lose extra weight. When I started my weight loss journey, there was so much information that it was hard to find the time to shift through to get the information that was important to me. So, this blog is my way of sharing the information that hours of research have produced in hopes that your weight loss journey takes an easier and smoother path than those before.

I’m on your side.


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