Nigerian blogger, nutritionist, and self-proclaimed health expert. I am on a mission to provide the most up to date information about weight loss supplements available. This blog was started to review supplements and health products to help my fellow countrymen make more health-conscious choices. My hope is that it will evolve into a place where people can come to find accurate information about the substances being sold to us.

We will look past all the advertisement and media hype to really get to the nitty-gritty and find out exactly how these weight loss supplements work. We aren’t just looking at weight loss, we are looking at health. We will explore the best options to promote healthy and efficient weight loss.

We are taking this weight loss journey together. I, like many of you, am in the middle of my weight loss journey. I’ve tried numerous different brands of weight loss supplements and am still working through more. These reviews are honest and don’t hold back. Our weight loss goals are useless if they compromise our health to a point where we have lifelong complications. I am taking what I know about nutrition, about biology, and mixing them together to give you guys the absolute best reviews of weight loss supplements available.