Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sex is sweet but....-Cossy Ojiakor

cossy orjiakor@Cossydiva
Be true to ur self. Dream it, believe it, u will achieve it. Start today u will be amazed at what u will achieve in 5yrs, bad press kills    
cossy orjiakor@Cossydiva
To my faithful fans don't be deceived by d ultimate ashi saga. Am basically d only actress that have not slept with an actor... Ask around     

Sex is sweet. I can't denied that.. But how can I be ultimate ashii. When I ve not had sex for long. Hmm don't judge a book by its cover
I believe her......especially by the "dont judge a book by its cover" part


  1. Preach on mind dem

  2. i dont have a good thing to say to you therefore #lipsealed


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