Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mario is my boy. He's glad I'm dating his sister"- Obafemi Martins

We all know our very own Nigerian Obafemi Martins was reported to have hooked up with Manchester City's Mario Ballotelli elder sister. Despite reports that Mario is unhappy about the union, Obafemi has come out to dispel such rumors and has openly accepted he is in a sizzling relationship with Abigail. 
In an interview with, here's what he said

“Mario is my boy. The respect is there because I used to play at Inter, in the youth team with him. He’s giving me my respect and I’m doing same. People are putting it in the news that he’s upset, of course he’s glad.
“He’s glad that Obafemi Martins is dating his sister. But if he gets jealous then it means he doesn’t want his sister to grow. But it’s not like that. The boy is not a bad boy.
On marriage, he said
“The relationship is true but getting married or not, we haven’t discussed anything like that. She’s upstairs and we’re happy together

"Mario is my boy"? Loll 


  1. lol When Mario remove hin fron teeth, he o know who be boy


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