Friday, 30 November 2012

Akon plans to send his cash to Africa

Lol so Akon is scared Obama might raise taxes and declared his intention to send his cash down to Africa.He tweeted a photo of the a sharp Igbo guy.Peter Okoye of Psquare declared his interest. lol

In my account bro RT : Sending my cash to Africa before Obama start raising taxes on the rich biiiiitch!!!


  1. Psquare too like money.d one wey dem get never do?Hian

  2. So Africa is now his dumping ground? Abegi jorrrrrs

  3. Yes make him come dump oooo

  4. Peter sef..real hungry igbo tif

  5. Which kind dumpin ground?is he not 4rm africa?d last time I check his 4rm senegal so he can send his money dwn 2 africa.Akon notin do u my bro


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