Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Reel Life Entertainment Presents:Halloween Hangover Party

Halloween Hangover night on 2nd November @PicoloMondo Club, if u aint dere maybe u don't exist on dis planet earth,don't be left out on the Biggest,Crazy and Naught Halloween Hangover,Babes like Never seen before .
FREE DRINKS 4 sexiest Halloween Babes
 Address: 19b idejo street, VI


  1. haloween in naija ke!!! hehehe! we can copy sha

  2. loool i'l be there just to

  3. My dear, u dey see this? Halloween for naija? Halloween is for Witches pls get it straight. I live in the UK but I don't celebrate I practise christianity and not witchcraft. Naija can copy!!

  4. Lool make hurricaine sandra no sweep una o.since na for island.heehhehe emeh u dey go?

  5. Na waoh! They are nuts, must we copy everything. Halloween in Nigeria??? Hian!

  6. Let's go their,I wanna dress like a witch doctor..!!!

  7. Eme would you be there?pls read my mail and reply.thanks.

  8. Why of all the crap Nigerians can copy from Americans, na halloween? Why would people be celebrating the dead and they know the origin of haloween and that it does not in any way give glory to God?
    Anyways..each to his/her own na to talk when needed.


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