Thursday, 31 May 2012

What's With the Pout?

I overheard a conversation between two guys who watched a lady take a pix,one was like"Gosh,why do they always push their lips forward when taking pics.If you ain't Angelina Jolie, you can never be Angelina Jolie".But some ladies have mastered the art of pouting so much that, their lips look like they just got stung by a bee(a very big bee)the downside is, pouting strains the face muscles.
Please ladies, next time you want to take that pic, just brighten up the world and smileee.
I pout too..(even without make up)lol...


  1. hahahahahaa.Emeh!im sending my own pout pics now

  2. hahahahahaa.Emeh!im sending my own pout pics now

  3. I pout too..#wink wink

  4. Its in fashion.pout pout!!

  5. Thank God someone brought this up!naija babes dey keep mouth like say dem shit.I hope say u no go do am again emeh

  6. Have you thought they may be practicing how to kiss? Only they do it too much, no need taking it on the camera man if your guy no fit kiss well...

  7. lol.loving more pouting for me.

  8. Lol.see beyonce mouth like small swine.emeh u look fine ooo.


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